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Benefits of Experienced Legal Representation for Traffic Violations ,
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Benefits of Experienced Legal Representation for Traffic Violations

Police Siren

If you are facing a traffic violation, you may be prepared to just pay the fine, but there are benefits to hiring legal representation that you may have not considered. Here are ways an experienced lawyer can help you fight a traffic citation. A Lawyer Can Save You Time Since most court proceedings take place…

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Falling Back Can Trigger Auto Accidents

Changing Clock in Fall

For most areas in the country, the arrival of fall means the turning back of the clocks. While the debate continues as to whether or not this practice is outdated, there is a real issue to contend with: the increased possibility of auto accidents. The Effects of Changing Time When we “fall back” in autumn,…

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Avoid Contempt of Court for Your Court-Mandated Divorce Settlements

Dad and Daughter

When settling a divorce, the terms of the agreement are binding obligations for everyone involved. Courts expect both parties to respect and uphold their part in the final decision. This can include child support, spousal support, alimony, child visitation and custody rights. It can also include the disclosure of assets and income when determining the…

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Incarceration Alternatives in Georgia

Arrested man handcuffed behind back

Criminal charges in Georgia often carry significant jail time. In certain cases, defendants may be able to avoid this punishment through other ways. With incarceration alternatives, courts are able to avoid jail overcrowding and reduce the risk of a convicted criminal reoffending. Here are three incarceration alternatives that may be available, depending on your criminal…

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Three Issues That Can Arise in Estate Planning

Estate planning worksheet on glasses on the desk of the attorney Augusta GA

When planning the future of your estate, there are numerous issues that can arise. While the process should be simple, disputes and other problems can create unnecessary hurdles. It is important to remember that estate planning is a broad term that can refer to preservation and management of assets after death. Distributing your assets may…

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3 Legal Reasons to Contest a Will in Georgia

Drafting a Will

The death of a loved one can be a difficult time for family members. Emotions can deepen rifts among siblings, especially when money is involved. One party may choose to contest a will because of the way assets may be distributed. Depending on the county in Georgia, the process for contesting a will must be…

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Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environments in Georgia

Judge's gavel, an old book and Justice scales on a lawyer's desk Augusta GA

Do you wonder if you’re being sexually harassed at work? Is your workplace a hostile environment? Have you been accused of instigating harassment or hostility at work? If you feel are uncomfortable on the job, then whatever is happening deserves a second look, and you’ll need to know your rights and your next steps. Federal…

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Do I Need Family Law Representation in Georgia?

Family Photo

Family matters are often complex, with a long history of circumstances that can lead to the breakdown of relationships. When that happens, there are a range of transitional situations which may demand mutual resolution. If concerned parties cannot come to an agreement, a family law attorney can mediate, represent the interests of one of those…

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A Sex Crime Defendant Deserves Fair Representation

Arrested man handcuffed behind back

Any sex crime allegation is serious in nature. If you have been accused of rape, sexual assault or molestation, seeking legal advice and representation is your right. The law is designed to protect everybody, so you are not automatically guilty when an accusation is leveled against you. Those accused of sex crimes deserve support and…

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Car Maintenance Essentials to Help Prevent Accidents

Car Accident Attorney Augusta GA

Cars are one of the most important inventions in history. With a personal vehicle, individuals and families can travel much further on a budget. Before the advent of cars, the main methods of long-distance travel were by train, coach or ship. For many Augusta citizens, the personal or family car is an essential tool. However,…

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