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Drug offenses in Georgia make up the vast majority of felony criminal cases. If you’ve been arrested for a drug offense in Georgia, you can face jail or prison terms anywhere from one year to life. Fines can range up to $1000 for a misdemeanor and can be $100,000 or more for a felony.

In addition general punishments for a misdemeanor and felonies, if you are convicted for violating a drug law, you may also lose your driver’s license, lose scholarships or other financial aid, forfeit your property.

The potential penalties for violation of a drug law depend on the type or schedule of drug involved.



(in addition to felony punishments in general)

Purchase or Possess (First Offense)

Imprisonment for not less than on nor more than five years.

Purchase or Possess (Second Offense)

Imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten years.

Sell or Intent to Distribute (First Offense)

Imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten years.


Penalties For Marijuana

In most instances, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor. However, in some circumstances you may be guilty of felony even if you possess less than an ounce. For example, if you intend to distribute (sell) the marijuana, you could be charged with a felony. You could even be charged with intent to distribute (a felony) for sharing a joint with a friend.

If you possess more than an ounce, sell, grow, or intend to distribute any quantity of marijuana, you can go to prison for up to ten years.

If you are convicted of either a misdemeanor or felony marijuana charge, your driver’s license may be suspension for a minimum period of 6 months and if your license is suspended you cannot receive a limited driving permit.

If you purchase, possess, sell or intend to distribute any counterfeit drug, you can be sentenced to prison for up to ten years.

A conviction for any of the above could result in the loss of State and/ or Federal college financial aid and a forfeiture of your property.


State Scholarships

The State of Georgia has several financial aid programs including Georgia’s Hope Scholarship. If you are convicted of a felony drug offense, you will lose your scholarship for the school term in which the conviction occurred as well as the following term. No early reinstatement is allowed, and receiving First Offender treatment will not save your scholarship.

Federal Scholarships

If you are convicted of ANY drug offense, including a State misdemeanor marijuana charge, you will lose your scholarship for a minimum period of one year, and could lose it indefinitely. Early reinstatement is possible if certain criteria are satisfied.

University System of Georgia Students

You can be suspended from a University System of Georgia institution if you are charged with certain crimes.

If you are a student in a University System of Georgia school and you are charged with or indicted for a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, you may be suspended pending the disposition of the criminal charges

Driver’s Licenses

A conviction of a misdemeanor or felony drug offense can result in the loss of your driver’s license for a minimum of six months with no limited driving permit allowed.


If you use any of your property to violate the Georgia Controlled Substances Statue (Georgia’s drug laws), that property can be declared contraband and you will lose it. An example of when a forfeiture may occur would be if you drove a friend to buy a drug, you could lose your car, or if you use your house or land to grow marijuana, you could lose your real estate.

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