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Two wrecked cars after a collision
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Augusta and Evans, Georgia, Car Accident Lawyers

The financial cost of a car accident extends beyond hospitalization and the cost of medical care. Car accidents involving serious head or spinal cord injuries almost always require physical therapy, longer recovery times, lost wages, and emotional trauma.

At Plunkett, Hamilton, Manton & Graves, LLP, our personal injury attorneys work closely with medical economists and life care planners in determining the full financial impact of an injury sustained in a car accident. We are a team of auto accident attorneys dedicated to obtaining results for our clients who have suffered a personal injury or property damage.

Our priority is your recovery. We are dedicated to ensuring that your family is restored and fully secure after suffering a serious car accident.

Contact us to speak with an experienced car accident attorney regarding your case. Take your first step towards recovery today.

Car Accidents and Modified Comparative Negligence in the State of Georgia

In the state of Georgia, a person injured in a car accident can recover damages only if they are deemed less than 50% responsible for an accident. Additionally, following the modified comparative negligence rule, the amount of damages paid can be reduced by the amount of fault shared by an injured person.

For example, if you suffered $10,000 in damages but are held 40% at fault, an insurer isn’t required to pay you the full $10,000. Since you are 40% t fault, your claims can be reduced by that amount, leaving you with only $6,000 in recovered damages.

For these reasons, it’s not uncommon for insurance companies to employ accident investigators in the hopes of finding you 50% or more at fault. If it’s clear that the other driver bears most of the responsibility, insurers may still try and reduce the amount they have to pay you by assigning some of the fault to you.

How We Handle Car Accidents – Our Commitment to Clients

From the initiation of your case through its final resolution, our attorneys will strive to see your case handled efficiently and effectively. We will take the following action on your behalf:

  • If you have suffered a disabling or brain or spinal cord injury, we will help you obtain necessary medical treatment and work with medical professionals to ensure you get the care you deserve.
  • We will fully investigate your auto accident injuries to ensure that we collect necessary evidence for your claim including witness statements, police reports, and all medical documentation.
  • We will work with experts including forensic and medical experts to ensure the most compelling case on your behalf.
  • We will pursue compensation for any damage to protect your personal property, including your car.
  • We will pursue all necessary claims against negligent or liable parties to ensure that you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses after a car crash.

When you are injured, contact an attorney you can trust. We will visit you in the hospital or at home to make your consultation convenient for you.

As experienced automobile accident attorneys, we work on behalf of our clients and their families to ensure that their medical and legal priorities are taken care of. When you are in an automobile accident, you may wonder what steps you should take to resolve your claim, obtaining appropriate medical care, how to deal with insurance companies, see your car repaired, and recover compensation for your injuries.

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If you have suffered a car wreck, SUV rollover, motorcycle or trucking accident, you need a team of car accident attorneys you can trust to get the results you deserve. At Plunkett, Hamilton, Manton & Graves, LLP, we are dedicated to helping our clients recover after a tragic or catastrophic automobile accident. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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