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In Georgia, establishing paternity is legally referred to as “legitimation.” Legitimation is very important because it establishes custody and visitation rights for the father as well as any child support obligations owed to the mother. Even if a father’s name is listed on a birth certificate, if the parents of a child are unmarried, legitimation is required to establish legal rights. Whether you are seeking to establish paternity of a child or you are contesting paternity, you need experienced family law representation to help guide you through the process.

Establishing Your Rights as a Parent

At Plunkett, Hamilton, Manton & Graves, LLP , our Augusta family law attorneys our dedicated to helping both mothers and potential fathers with their legitimation issues. We represent both parties wishing to establish legitimation, child custody and child support obligations as well as those parties who contest paternity or seek delegitimation. In either case, our compassionate and effective lawyers will explain to you what is needed for your particular legitimation case.

We will work to protect the interests of you and your child. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation regarding your paternity case. Our firm has offices in both Augusta and Evans, Georgia.

Paternity and Petition to Legitimate

The paternity of a child can be established through a legal agreement between the parties, especially when uncontested. However, in some cases, DNA testing is required to determine paternity. We can help you with establishing paternity for your child, which is important if you are seeking legitimation.

For mothers seeking child support or fathers wanting to establish their custody rights, a court order for legitimation is necessary. We can file a petition to legitimate on your behalf and take you through the necessary steps in order to legitimate your legal status as a parent.


There are also circumstances in which a father has been legitimized, however now seeks delegitimation, due to the fact he believes he is not the father. This can be due to fraud or misleading actions by the mother of the child. If you are a father paying child support and have good reason to believe you are not the father, we can help you with delegitimation.

Contact Our Richmond County Child Custody Attorneys

The Augusta child custody attorneys at our firm work hard to protect your rights immediately and into the future. Whether you are interested in establishing legitimation or contesting paternity, our attorneys will resolve your case efficiently and effectively. Contact us today for an initial consultation regarding your paternity case.

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