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At Plunkett, Hamilton, Manton & Graves, LLP, our practice is dedicated to serving the legal needs of individuals, businesses, and families in Augusta, Evans and throughout the CSRA area in Georgia. Our firm focuses on cases that affect the physical well-being, financial security, family and futures of our clients.

Our attorneys carry expertise and experience within the full spectrum of law, including practice areas such as bankruptcy, criminal defense, estate planning, family law, general civil litigation, personal injury & workers compensation, and real estate. By applying a deep level of understanding and experience to these practice areas, we strive to effectively and efficiently resolve our clients’ legal concerns.

Contact our office to preserve your legal rights and protect your interests. Our Augusta and Evans attorneys understand the significance of every case, and we are ready and dedicated to take action to return optimal results for you.

Our Practice Areas

With a team of skilled, experienced and talented attorneys from multiple legal specialties, we are confident we can handle your case at Plunkett, Hamilton, Manton & Graves, LLP. Please explore our following practice areas and let us know how we can go to work for you and protect our rights.

Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or accused of committing a crime, trust our experienced criminal defense attorneys to protect your rights and provide the most strategic criminal defense. Regardless of how serious the charge, you can be confident that our aggressive legal team will do everything that can be done to produce a favorable outcome in your case. We understand how difficult and overwhelming it is to navigate your criminal defense without the firm hand of an experienced attorney. With a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, our criminal defense attorneys are able to help you effectively defend your rights.

Family Law

Matters of family law can be especially emotional, stressful and complex. Therefore, our skilled family law attorneys are devoted to providing strategic and successful representation that is guided by you and your family’s best interest at every turn. Whether you are trying to protect your financial security after a divorce or facing contempt and enforcement issues in child support, we can advocate on your behalf. We represent clients involved in family law legal matters.

Estate Planning

We respect your vision for the future. A last will and testament is a significant component of a carefully considered estate plan. We are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to estate planning, and our legal team can ensure your family receives orderly distribution of your financial legacy. Our Estate Planning Attorneys have assisted countless clients with drafting wills and trusts, explaining estate planning documents and updating current estate plans.

General Civil Litigation

We offer services in a full range of civil litigation transactions. Whether you need to protect your rights in the formation of a contract or have your rights enforced through litigation, we will take necessary action to obtain results. Our attorneys have proven experience in employment law, including employee policies and defense of employment matters. We are also qualified to handle a wide spectrum of government matters, ranging taxes and zoning to intricate ordinance matters. Trust our legal team for strong representation in civil litigation cases.

Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation

If you are suffering from personal injury from a motor vehicle or workplace accident, you can trust our lawyers for unrivaled skill and a tenacious approach to protect your rights. We help clients deal with insurance companies, identify defendants and file effective claims. Our attorneys are also experienced in representing clients who have suffered serious injuries and wrongful death of a loved one. Our personal injury lawyers compassionate legal assistance to clients with personal injury cases.

Real Estate

An experienced real estate attorney is a valued asset throughout all types of real estate transactions. Our legal team has helped countless buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial real estate. From a simple residential closing to complex construction litigation, our real estate lawyers understand the importance of providing detailed assistance to protect your rights and your investment.

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    Anthony Kennedy

    Very helpful and caring firm. Took time to listen and understand. Recommend

    Tim Bailey

    I had Mr. Plunkett handle my mother's estate. He was very compassionate and professional. I would recommend him to anyone needing a probate lawyer.