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The current economy has placed a strain on many businesses, individuals and families. Rising prices, rising interest rates and tightening availability of credit has decreased the ability of businesses and individuals to maintain their financial obligations. The recent amendments to the Bankruptcy Code have made filing bankruptcy more challenging. However, these amendments have not eliminated the right of businesses, individuals and couples to file bankruptcy to protect their property and to deal with mounting debts. Consumers still have the right to file bankruptcy to protect their automobiles, homes, property and businesses from seizure by creditors and to work out solutions to deal with debt and obtain a fresh financial start. Our bankruptcy attorneys are certified by the American Board of Certification as Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialists and Business Bankruptcy Law Specialists to deal with the new and complex Bankruptcy laws to provide maximum relief from debts and to protect your assets. There are several different chapters of Bankruptcy are available to businesses and individuals. General information regarding each available chapter can be obtained from the Bankruptcy Court. For a list of the terms and phrases that are often used in relation to a bankruptcy case, please click here.

Consumer Bankruptcy

Finding solutions to an individual’s financial issues is often a time-consuming process that requires information from many different sources. When an individual contacts our law office in either Augusta, Georgia or Evans, Georgia, we will schedule a free initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to review the client’s individual situation and needs. At the initial interview, we will need to obtain an overview of the client’s financial situation including a brief description of any assets that he owns and an overview of the creditors to whom the client owes money. The attorney will then guide the client through the process of obtaining all of the information that we will need to fully assess that client’s individual situation and to advise the clients regarding all available options. Individuals wishing to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss their unique situation with a bankruptcy attorney can call our law offices in Augusta, Georgia or Evans, Georgia to schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer. As an alternative, you can contact us through this website so that we can assist you with your financial needs.

Many of our Frequently Asked Questions are listed below:

  • What types of bankruptcy are generally available to individuals and couples?
  • How do I know under what Chapter I will qualify to file?
  • Will a bankruptcy case stop a garnishment of my wages, repossession of my car, foreclosure against my house or a lawsuit that has been filed against me?
  • What facts determine whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 will provide the most relief?
  • If I file bankruptcy, will my spouse have to file bankruptcy?
  • Will notice of a bankruptcy filing be published in the newspaper?
  • What are the costs for filing bankruptcy?
  • How do I choose a Bankruptcy Lawyer?
  • How do I get stared wit the bankruptcy process?
  • What are the most common mistakes people make when faced with a potential bankruptcy case filing?
  • Isn’t credit counseling an alternative to bankruptcy?
  • What are the differences between the relief obtained from credit counseling as opposed to bankruptcy?
  • What should I do if I think that I need to file Bankruptcy?
  • Should I consider retaining the services of a debt consolidation company?

Business bankruptcy

Most business owners are optimistic with the start-up of their business and look to see their businesses prosper. Unfortunately, many circumstances can affect the profitability of a business, placing the security of the business in danger. When a business is indebted, it may become more difficult to improve the quality of service or product. Ultimately, many businesses in trouble end up filing for bankruptcy. At Plunkett, Hamilton, Manton & Graves, LLP , our attorneys are board certified business bankruptcy law specialists and we are experienced with the financial difficulties faced by business owners. We can help you restore your business, help make arrangements to reduce and eliminate debt, or file bankruptcy on behalf of a business.

When your business faces financial difficulties, you can prevent additional costs and increasing debt with the assistance of an experienced business bankruptcy attorney. Contact us if you are interested in preventing or filing bankruptcy on behalf of your business.

Despite many attempts to maintain a profitable business, the best option for your financial security may be bankruptcy. When you feel the pressure of creditors and are feeling the burden of debt resulting from your business, it may be appropriate to file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 business or corporate bankruptcy. If filing is necessary, our attorneys will take every step to help you minimize your costs, rehabilitate, and reorganize your business to reduce any debt that would result after your business is closed.

Alternatives to bankruptcy

If you are not certain about filing bankruptcy, our attorneys can help you work out an alternative such as reorganization, payment plans, creditor work-out agreements, or the restructure of your business operations to improve cash flow. Our attorneys understand your bottom-line and will work with you to restore your business to prevent bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation Companies

We will help you compare a bankruptcy option to the services provided by a debt consolidation company to determine what route is best for you.

Contact an attorney as soon as possible to prevent bankruptcy

When you feel that your business is in trouble, it is important that you contact a business bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. Even if you do not want to file bankruptcy for sure, you may be able to take certain actions to protect your future interests and your rights. We can assist you in reorganization, work-outs with creditors, and negotiations to protect your rights.

Our business bankruptcy attorney is experienced with all of the following:

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